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Interested in Becoming a Cub Scout?

Pack 515 welcomes boys from 1st grade through 5th grade who are interested in scouting. If you are interested in becoming a Cub Scout, and attend either Southridge or Warren Elementary schools, please email the Cub Master, Charles Fink.

If you attend a different Elementary school than those listed above please contact the Calumet Council

And finally if you’re in 6th grade or higher and interested in becoming a Boy Scout then check out the Highland Boy Scout website.

Boy Scout Cross-over

This year we had two Webelos II Scout cross-over at the Blue and Gold dinner.   JOSHUA  FINK and BEN KOVACIK





Special Events

The next thing coming up is the Raingutter Regatta!!  

The Regatta will be held at Southridge Elementary School.   Please look in the flyer section for start time and other information.